Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

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Welcome to the course page for the Introduction to Digital Signal Processing. This page contains all course realted information for students attending the course. For all course related queries please contact the course instructor.

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All lectures are pre-recorded.

Live discussion every Friday 5:30PM - 7:00PM.


The following are some of the suggested references for the topics covered in the course. For each lecture, the releveant reading materials will be from one or more of the following books.

A more advanced book that goes into the mathematical foundations of signal processing, which also gives geometric view of signal processing is the book,

Course Modules


Module 01: Mathematical Preliminaries

Module 02: Introduction to Python Programming

Module 03: What are signals?

Module 04: Geometric Signal Theory

Module 05: Sampling theorem

Module 06: What are systems?

Module 07: Linear Time-Invaraint Systems and Convolution

Module 08: Fourier Representation of Continuous-time Signals

Module 09: Fourier Representation of Discrete-time Signals

Module 10: Sampling theorem revisited

Module 11: Z transform

Module 12: Frequency-domain analysis of LTI systems

Module 13: Discrete Fourier Transform

Module 14: Frequency Selective Filters

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