Linear Systems

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Welcome to the course page for Linear Systems. This page contains all course realted information for students attending the course. For all course related queries please contact the course instructor.

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Lecture timings

Mod, Wed - 7:30 AM to 9:00


There is no one fixed textbook for the course. The course slides and course notes should serve as the first reference material for the course. However, you are strongly encouraged to refer to the following textbooks for the different topics covered in the course. The lecture slides f or different topics will list the recommended reading material for the different topics.

Course Modules

Module 01: Vectors

Module 02: Matrices

Module 03: Orthogonality

Module 04: Matrix Inverses

Module 04: Eigenvectors and eigenvalues

Module 06: Positive definiteness and Matrix norm

Module 07: Singular Value Decomposition

Module 08: Linear Least Squares Methods

Module 09: Linear Dynamical Systems (LDS) - Single Input Single Output view

Module 10: LDS - State Space View

Module 11: Solution of LDS

Module 12: Stability

Module 13: Controllability and Observability

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